Ferrari 360 Modena

Welcome to Ferrari-Modena dot com. This website has been built and dedicated for this awesome and stunning car called Ferrari 360. Sometimes people describe this car as sex on wheels, it is so beautiful and amazing. There isn’t a person out there who wouldn’t want to get their hands on this beautiful baby and take it for a ride. If only it were an affordable choice, one would have owned it but alas! Nevertheless this website aims to provide you the next best experience, so enjoy it while you can.


It has a V8 Turbo charged engine. It is a 400 bhp beast that manages to develop a 400 nm of torque at 4750 rpm. It only takes 4 seconds for this baby to reach 100kmph which is amazing and top speed, well that one is big. It can reach 300 kmph of speed before the engine gives up. The size of the engine is 3.6 Liters and as you can imagine it has a 9 speed auto gear box.

The History

The Ferrari has always been associated with Power, Speed and Awesomeness. All of us have dreamed of owning a Ferrari once in their lifetime and zipping past the traffic while others watch you and envy your awesome car. If you own a Ferrari, we would suggest you to go slower so others can take a good look at your car and see what they are missing in their lives.

The guy who made it’s first Ferrari car, Enzo Ferrari was born before 1900 and saw the first car race at the age of 10. From them he had been dreaming about making a perfect racing car. The first Ferrari was made in 1947 near Italy and since then there is no stopping this company from shelling out awesome cars after cars.

Horse Symbol

Ferrari’s trademark is a Horse and it is a symbol of excellence and awesomeness. Whenever you see a ferrari car, you see the horse emblem first.

Engine Sound

Then there is that sound the Ferrari’s engines make. That sound is unmistakably the most amazing sound we have ever heard coming out of a car. The only other car whose engine sound we really like is Mclaren. We cannot resist this, so we want you to hear the sound as well. This is a V12 Engine of the latest Ferrari. The sounds give us goosebumps!